Experience Penang 2020, The Diversity of Asia

Tourism campaign unfolds endless enriching experiences that are bound to satisfy one and all – the culturally curious, the thrill-seekers, the revellers, the foodies and the explorers.



Art Council

The arts have been a linking bridge and the core of many cultures. In many other instances as well, the arts have been able to allow freedom of expression and aid in many other areas.



Multicultural Splendour Of George Town

George Town has been dubbed the heritage and multicultural jewel of Penang, with the profound characteristic of a peaceful coexistence of the diverse races, traditions and culture.



Marvel In The Beauty Of George Town’s Heritage

Tucked away in the island of Penang in the northern region of Malaysia is George Town, a historically significant city which strives beyond delectable street food, presenting a unique display of both tangible and intangible heritage.



PETACH is abbreviation to the Penang State Exco for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Heritage. Helmed by PETACH Exco YB Yeoh Soon Hin, the initiative marks a refreshed chapter to position Penang competitively in the global tourism map through a state branding under the combination of tourism, arts, culture and heritage in the interest of forging stronger ties and enhance both public and private partnerships. At the same time, PETACH is also aligned with the Penang2030 vision through initiatives under the four portfolios in striving for a smarter and more sustainable state.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major impact on business industries worldwide and in Penang. It has nearly halted our tourism industry since the start of 2020. To curb the outbreak and flatten the curve, the Malaysian Government’s Movement Control Order (MCO) has been in place since 18 March and further extended till 9 June 2020.

In order to assess the extent of the COVID-19 impact on our tourism industry, the Penang State EXCO Office for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Heritage (PETACH) would like you to participate in this online survey through

This survey is aimed to gauge the weight of the affect by COVID-19 and to gather input from the industry’s stakeholders for establishing current and post COVID-19 recovery plans accordingly.

Appreciate your support on this.

Thank you.



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Pengecualian Fi Hotel bagi tempoh 6 bulan dari 1 Julai 2020

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Exemption of Hotel Fee for 6 months effective July 1st, 2020

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Bantuan Khas

George Town: Pulau Pinang mendahului! EXCO Pelancongan, Seni, Budaya dan Warisan Pulau Pinang, YB Yeoh Soon Hin telah mengumumkan Pakej Bantuan Sektor Kesenian Pulau Pinang untuk membantu artis-artis yang terkesan untuk meringankan beban mereka.

Adalah dipercayai bahawa Pakej Bantuan Sektor Kesenian Pulau Pinang ialah pakej bantuan khas untuk sektor kesenian yang pertama di Malaysia.Menurut Yeoh, sektor kesenian di Pulau Pinang merupakan salah satu kumpulan yang terjejas oleh wabak COVID-19 serta Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan kerana program-program dan aktiviti kesenian telah dibatalkan atau ditangguhkan.

“Wabak COVID-19 telah membantutkan sektor kesenian negeri dan menjejaskan pendapatan kumpulan artis secara drastik.”

Tambahnya, terdapat tiga fasa di bawah Pakej Bantuan Sektor Kesenian Pulau Pinang,iaitu Fasa 1 (Tempoh Masa Penularan Wabak Covid-19), Fasa 2 (Tempoh Masa Selepas Penularan Wabak Covid-19), dan Fasa 3 (Tahun 2021).

Beliau berkata bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang akan memperkenalkan Program Pemerkasaan Sektor Kesenian Pulau Pinang yang berjumlah RM200,000.00 dalam Fasa 1 untuk menggalakkan kumpulan kesenian/artis individu untuk menganjurkan aktiviti dan program kesenian secara atas talian (online), memandangkan segala aktiviti dan program tidak dapat dianjurkan secara perhimpunan pada masa penularan wabak Covid-19.

“Facebook page “Show Penang” akan diwujudkan oleh Pejabat YB. Pengerusi   Jawatankuasa MMK Pelancongan, Seni, Budaya dan Warisan (PETACH) untuk mempromosikan program/ acara kesenian tempatan secara atas talian.”

Tambahnya, pihak Kerajaan Negeri akan membantu persatuan kesenian tempatan membangunkan semula dengan beberapa kaedah termasuk subsidi bayaran sewa Dewan Sri Pinang dan Auditorium KOMTAR, peruntukan untuk membeli tiket dari badan-badan kesenian, dan dialog berkala  antara pihak berkepentingan dalam industri kesenian tempatan dan pihak Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang dianjurkan untuk pemulihan sektor kesenian.

“Bagi Fasa 3, Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang akan menciptakan dan mempromosikan kandungan kesenian tempatan dan meningkatkan jualan tiket masing-masing.”

Beliau berkata bahawa pihak Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang akan memulakan semula program George Town Festival dan ArtPenang pada tahun 2021 secara besar-besaran supaya persatuan kesenian dan artis individu tempatan mendapatkan lebih banyak peluang persembahan serta peluang pekerjaan.”

“Kami juga akan membuka peluang kepada persatuan kesenian boleh membuat permohonan supaya menggunakan papan iklan LED yang dimiliki oleh Pejabat YB. Pengerusi   Jawatankuasa MMK Pelancongan, Seni, Budaya dan Warisan (PETACH) untuk mempromosikan program/ acara kesenian masing-masing.”

“Selain itu, kami akan mengutamakan persatuan-persatuan kesenian sebagai badan persembahan di program-program atau aktiviti-aktiviti yang dianjurkan oleh pihak Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang. ”

Tambahnya, pihak Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang akan juga menggalakkan syarikat-syarikat swasta untuk ‘adopt’ persatuan-persatuan kesenian.

“Bagi maklumat lanjut, sila muat-turunkan dokumen- dokumen yang berkaitan di bawah laman web ini:

(槟城讯) 槟城领先全国,率先推出“槟州艺文援助配套”,减轻槟城艺文工作者在疫情期间的困境。





他说,槟州旅游、艺术、文化与遗产委员会行政办公室将设立脸书专页“Show Penang”,提供官方平台,推广州内线上艺文活动。

他补充, 槟州政府会在第二阶段,通过几个方向帮助艺文团体重振旗鼓,包括提供槟州大会堂和光大视听室租金补助、拨款以购买入场券、及与本地艺术相关单位举办定期对话会。






Press /Media Release

State to Come Up with Hotel Guideline For Next Norm With COVID-19

GEORGE TOWN – Penang State Government is drafting an operating guideline for all hotels in the state to achieve a uniform Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) precautionary measure across hotels in Penang, said Penang State EXCO for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Heritage (PETACH) YB Yeoh Soon Hin.

“This guideline will encompass the cleaning and disinfecting routines, the SOPs for employees, 3rd Party Associates (i.e. vendors, suppliers, tenants and contractors) and hotel guests.

“We had a ‘Penang Tourism, Next Norm’ online meeting discussion with Penang’s hoteliers from MAHB Penang and MyBHA Penang yesterday. Taking their feedback into consideration, we are now making the necessary adjustments on the guidelines, in order to make it more complete and relevant,” he said in a press statement today.

Yeoh said this guideline will also provide a uniformed format log to record the entries of people into the hotel.

“It will be used officially in all Penang hotels once the guideline is approved,” he added.