Penang has garnered many accolades over the years for our food and we are now taking one step further to rebrand Penang’s appeal in the global market by setting us apart from the rest with our culture, arts, heritage and nature unique to Penang.

In recent years, the concept of experiential travel is reinventing the tourism industry from group travel to more personalised, enriching and authentic experience based on immersive local experience. This trend gains fast momentum with the booming of social media as travellers search for the ‘unique experience’ and it became our source of inspiration behind Experience Penang Year 2020. Our tagline the Diversity of Asia is testament to Penang’s rich diversity reflected through its heritage, culture, arts and our many aspects which make us one of the most memorable place to visit in Asia. Recently, Penang’s 130-million-year-old rainforest at The Habitat was in the spotlight when CNN named the Pearl of the Orient as one of the best places to travel in spring, an attestation that we are not only culturally rich but also in nature.

In the coming year, we want to portray our community, history and nature as the centre stage to deliver an engaging experience and connect the visitors with our culture and people. At the same time, we want to invite all tourism players to participate actively in the Experience Penang 2020 bandwagon to deliver an unforgettable experience by joint effort through our hospitality in line with the Penang2030 vision for a better Penang. Let’s get the ball rolling.