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Penang’s iconic landmark, KOMTAR tower

Penang’s iconic landmark, KOMTAR tower, will be illuminated in symbolic colours to reflect the current situation of Covid-19 in Penang starting today (12 June 2020), from 8pm-10pm for a month.

The initiative is undertaken by the Penang State Government in a spirited show of solidarity against Covid-19 with the government and people of Osaka, just like Osaka’s Symbolic Tsutenkaku Tower and Tower of the Sun, as a risk communication method with the public as part of COVID-19 response. This is in line with Penang’s long-standing friendship with Japan.

The light indication is an approach by the State government towards raising public awareness and a constant message to remain vigilant and adhere to SOPs and guidelines to ensure that we can continuously retain our green zone status. It is also a form of public communication method to educate the community especially in state effort to achieve recovery and return to normalcy under recovery movement control order (RMCO)