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Penang Gallery Pushing Standard Operating Procedures

Media statement by yb Tuan Yeoh soon hin-exco tourism, art, culture and heritage (Petach) as chairman of the Penang State Museum board regarding the opening of the Penang State Drawing Arts Station Gallery

Penang Gallery pushing standard operating procedures
Yang Shunxing: 613 reopen

1. Public Society is ready to be informed that the two premise of the museum which are on the highway highway and in macalister are closed since early September 2019 and early 2020 to give way to the restoration and maintenance and dijanka work done next year And the next year.

2. Lower Floor Gallery and 3th floor gallery of the Penang State Draw Art Station (Bslnpp) located in the Sri Pinang Hall, the light highway will be operating for four (4) days in a week which is on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday And Sunday. Visit time is from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. The Gallery is closed apart from the days stated above including the public holiday.

3. in line with recommendations from the ministry of health Malaysia Malaysia (Kkm) and the National Security Council (eating), every visitor attending the gallery needs to obey the guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOP) which has been set by the management which is:

A. The age limit allowed for visitors is from 13 years to 60 years only.
B. The interactive space or section available in the exhibition space is not allowed to use by visitors.
C. The number of enough staff in the exhibition space will be placed to control the movement and treatment of visitors.
D. The use of exhibition equipment or exhibition demonstration is not allowed.
E. All staff and visitors will be taken personal information, recorded and filtered body temperature and symptoms screening first before entering the premise. A body temperature screening that exceeds 37.5° degree of Celsius or symptoms such as sore throat, cough, flu, difficulty breathing is not allowed to enter and have to leave the premise area and facility.
F. Visitors who pass this health screening will be given a sticker (Sticker) or rubber bracelet (Wristband) for monitoring purpose and wanted to wear it along in the premise and facility area.
G. All staff and visitors are advised to wear face mask (Face Mask) throughout the premise and facility area.
H. All visitors and staff are wanted to always practice self-hygiene by often washing their hands using soap and water or hand sanitizer, practicing cough ethics and sneezing wisely and removing trash like tissue and face mask (Face Mask) used in the place that has been provided.
I. All visitors and staff are not allowed to gather or gather while in the premise and facility area.
J. Visitors who are planning to go to premise and facility for research purposes, service counter or others are encouraged to make an appointment first with the management.
K. For visitors who come in walk in need to be in a dedicated place and always obey the officer’s orders to launch the entry process to the premise.
L. Staff and visitors need to download and register the mysejahtera app into their respective cell phones for close contact detection.
M. Every visitor needs to take into account of social lock along in the premise area which is at least 1 (one) meters.
N. The number of visitors allowed to be in the premise in one time is as many as 8 (eight) people only. The time limit for every visit is for half an hour.
O. Any events involving public assembly such as the opening ceremony of the exhibition, workshop / talk or art demonstration is not allowed.
P. The interaction between visitors and pengkarya is not allowed.
Q. The Arts or artist associations that are about to hold an exhibition are encouraged to make an appointment with the management to launch the exhibition preparation process as well as the delivery of work.
R. This guidelines will always be updated based on instructions from authorities from time to time.
Thus, the Penang State Draw Art Station (Bslnpp) will be officially open from 13th June 2020.
It is expected with these precautions taken, we will be able to with and decide the outbreak of the covid-19 plague and the situation will recover as soon as possible.

So much. Thank you. Thank you.

(Penang news) Penang shunxing, chairman of the penang shunxing said that the state government has launched the relevant standard operating procedure (SOP) for Penang State Gallery (Psag), which will be re-established on June 13 Open.

The National Security Council has recently updated the state museum and gallery’s standard operation on prevention, and penang state gallery located on the bottom and third floor of Penang City Hall, he said.

” from June 13th, PENANG STATE GALLERY IS OPEN ONLY 4 days a week, that is Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday (except for public holidays); open every day from 10 am to 10 pm 4 hours.”

He said that as for the museums on huayi street and central road, they are temporarily unable to open to the public because of the road works.

Penang shunxing stressed that penang was the first state to announce the reopening of the state gallery and introducing standard operating procedures for prevention after the National Security Council.

He also hopes that the public or artists who are interested in showing at the Penang State Gallery, will work together with the standard operating procedures to defeat the new crown pneumonia.

Penang State Gallery’s standard operating procedures for disease prevention are as follows:

A. People under 13 or older are not allowed to visit
B. Visitors are not allowed to use any interactive space in the exhibition
C. Fully staffed to control visitor behavior
D. Artists must use the appliances in the gallery when they show. Artists Ban any demonstration or explanation to live visitors
E. All staff and visitors must record a record, including physical temperature and health status. No entry is allowed for any body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius and symptoms such as sore throat, cough, breathing, cold, etc.
F. Exhibition staff must mark stickers or bracelets for visitors who are in good health. Visitors must wear them throughout the exhibition.
G. Exhibition staff and visitors must wear masks
H. Exhibition staff and visitors must be kept clean, including hand washing and sterilization. Cover up your mouth when coughing. Staff and visitors must discard masks with used toilet paper fixed trash cans at the exhibition
I. Exhibition staff and visitors banned from gathering
J. Visitors for educational or service purposes must make an appointment with gallery management in advance
K. Temporary visitors must first wait in specific waiting area and cooperate with the arrangements of the site administrator
L. Exhibition staff and visitors must download mysejahtera app and complete login
M. All visitors must maintain at least 1 M social distance
O. Only 8 visitors are allowed at the same time, 30 minutes
P. Artists and visitors are banned from interacting
Q. Artistic groups or artists who are interested in exhibiting should arrange their time with gallery management in advance so that work can successfully complete the work transport and installation work
R. This standard operating procedure content will be updated as circumstances.